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The Molecular Probes Handbook: Every microscopist needs one

“The Molecular Probes Handbook” has served as the “go to” resource for practical information on fluorescence probes and their applications for nearly 40 years now, even though Molecular Probes (the company) has long since been acquired by Invitrogen/Gibco/Life Technologies (for a little Wikipedia history lesson on Molecular Probes, see HERE). Fortunately, the catalog name remains the same, and is still an excellent resource. Get a hard copy, and keep it on your bookshelf – you won’t be disappointed:

Yes, Molecular Probes also has a Facebook page.

And of course, an App too.



Fluorescence Spectra Viewers: Picking probes and filters

Here’s a great collection of Fluorescence Spectra Viewers:

And yes, you can get an App for that too:

 If you have any questions about how to use these to optimize your fluorescence probe and filter selections, CONTACT US

Microscope Theory, Concepts, and Overview

Here are some outstanding general didactic resources for microscopists of all levels:

(Some similar content on both sites.)

Excellent Microscopy Courses

If you really want to learn about microscopy from both practical and theoretical standpoints, well . . . first, we hope you’ll keep following this Blog, and feel free to EMAIL US with any questions you might have, or any topics you would like to see us cover in this Blog!

Second, you can attend one or many of these excellent Microscopy Courses, where anyone, beginner or expert, is bound to learn new things: