ImageJ/uManager Installation and Integration

Did you know that there is a completely free imaging software package – ImageJ/uManager (MicroManager) – that when fully equipped, can most likely drive all your microscope equipment, and rival the image analysis capabilities of any major software package? Whether you are buying new hardware, or simply want a better way to run your existing hardware, we can save you thousands of dollars by integrating ImageJ/uManager into your imaging systems. We offer:

♦  Complete microscope systems, new or used, sold, integrated, and supported with ImageJ/uManager
♦  Microscope and accessory hardware setup and integration with ImageJ/uManager
♦  Key ImageJ/uManager image acquisition and analysis features, pre-assembled for your convenience
♦  Custom script, algorithm, and plugin writing and coding for your image acquisition and analysis needs

With these integration, customization, and support services for ImageJ/uManager, we can help ensure that you are taking advantage of all ImageJ/uManager’s capabilities for imaging and image analysis, and help you get your equipment running with this excellent free (and well supported) software package. On-site and off-site services available (geographic restrictions apply for on-site services).

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By the way, for those needs that ImageJ/uManager can’t handle, we can also provide any commercial software package that you might need, including some Veroptics™ exclusive commercial image acquisition and analysis packages at unheard of prices! See HERE for details!