sCMOS Cameras

sCMOS for under $10k? Yup. Veroptics™ brings you the most affordable, high-performance sCMOS cameras with excellent software support for microscope image acquisition. With excellent low-light performance, these “performance bargains” are priced far below your typical sCMOS cameras. Compared to our “performance bargain” EMCCD cameras, these sCMOS cameras give up just a little sensitivity (but still plenty sensitive for almost all low light microscopy, including TIRF!), in exchange for much higher frame rates (at full frame).

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  • We carry scientific CMOS cameras from most any manufacturer
  • Full factory warranty on all new cameras; your satisfaction is guaranteed!
  • Why buy from us? Expert support before and after the sale, and Education discounts!
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Pictured are:

– QIMAGING OPTIMOS   (2k x 1k 6.5um pixels;  55% Max QE;  100 FPS full frame;  cooled)

HAMAMATSU ORCA FLASH2.8   (2k x 1.5k 3.45um pixels;  70% Max QE;  45 FPS full frame;  cooled)