New and Used Microscopes, Lasers, Cameras, and Software

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  • Ti:Sapphire Laser Sales

    Anybody who has shopped Ti:Sa lasers for 2P microscopy knows they can be expensive. We recognize that buying or fixing Ti:Sa lasers takes a big hit on your research budget. We get that. That’s why we only sell the most affordable 2P microscopy capable Ti:Sa lasers available today!

  • Microscope Systems

    We offer the most performance for your dollar on automated microscopy systems for blood analysis, karyotyping, sperm counting, telepathology, and live cell fluorescence microscopy. The accuracy and performance of our systems are second to none, at the best price!

  • Scientific Cameras

    Veroptics™ offers the best performance for your dollar in scientific CMOS (sCMOS), EMCCD, and CCD cameras for your microscope and imaging needs, from virtually any manufacturer. You can pay a lot for a camera, but with Veroptics, you don’t have to!

  • Used Lasers

    Our collection of fully functional, used lasers for your microscope (or other) needs is one more way that Veroptics brings you the most performance for your research dollar.

  • Used Microscopes

    We know buying a new microscope can be expensive. That’s why we sell our used microscopes at the most competitive prices: just one more way that Veroptics provides microscopy solutions that work for you!

  • Imaging Software

    We’ve used a lot of imaging software. We know what works, and what doesn’t, and we can help guide you to the most sensible solution for your needs and your budget.

Laser and Microscope Repair and Support

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  • Laser Repair

    Time for a rebuild? Or just a simple fix? Our experienced, certified technicians can repair your tunable titanium sapphire laser, or any other laser you need fixed. Let us save you thousands compared to manufacturer or factory service prices. Estimates are free!

  • ImageJ/uManager Installation and Integration

    ImageJ/uManager is excellent free microscope imaging software that, when properly configured, will drive your microscope and rival the image analysis capabilities of commercial software packages. We can help you install and configure ImageJ/uManager to handle all your image capture and analysis needs, saving you money. On-site and off-site service available.