Automated Microscopes for Slide Scanning, Pathology, and Fluorescence

         Veroptics™ sells the fastest and most accurate high-capacity automated microscope systems for cell counting, histopathology, hematology, karyotyping, sperm counting, fluorescence, and more. You won’t find better performing systems at any price! Our own proprietary software, along with our unique hardware customization and integration capabilities, allow us to offer systems that exceed the speed and accuracy of our competitors, while still costing less. We can provide complete turnkey and/or highly customized systems for:

   Blood cell counting and analysis, include RBC, WBC, differentials, and more

   Sperm counting and fertility analysis; karyotyping and chromosomal analysis; parasitology

   High speed histopathology slide scanning, image archiving, and telepathology

   1-200+ slide or specimen capacity, with image stitching capabilities for full specimen archiving

   Cell culture applications including cell death, morphology, drug discovery, and more

   Fluorescence, brightfield, or darkfield counting and quantification

   Many other high speed slide, dish, or plate-scanning applications

   Complete spinning disk confocal systems

   Live cell fluorescence systems, from basic image acquisition and analysis, to TIRF, FRET, FRAP, and more

   Systems can be run by our own propietary software, free ImageJ/uManager, or other commercial package of your choosing

         The video below demonstrates an example system for blood cell counts. Please CONTACT US for the best prices on automated microscope solutions that work for you (and your budget).