Scientific CMOS (sCMOS), EMCCD, CCD Cameras

          When it comes to scientific cameras for microscopes, we know what all the “performance bargains” are, because we’ve used them! There are many fine cameras out there, but some offer “more performance for your dollar” than others. We can provide cameras from Andor, Diagnostic Instruments (Spot), Hamamatsu, Jenoptik, Lumenera, Motic, PCO (Cooke), Photometrics (Roper), Princeton Instruments, Qimaging, Ximea, and most any other brand or model, so if you already have a camera in mind, let us know and we will be happy to provide it for you and give you the best service and support after the sale. If you aren’t sure what you need, CONTACT US and we will always steer you toward the camera with the most performance to meet your research needs, for the least money.

          All our cameras come with excellent software support for image capture and analysis, including manufacturer-provided software and ImageJ/μManager support at minimum. You can read more about the additional ImageJ/μManager installation and customization support we provide HERE.

          We have wireless microscope cameras too, so you can stream your microscope images straight to your ipad, iphone, or any other tablet, laptop, or smart phone – up to 6 devices at once without a separate router makes it a great telemedicine teaching tool too!

           You can also ASK US about or PRE-ORDER our Veroptics™ exclusive cooled IMX174 based camera with ImageJ/uManager support for microscopy:  162 fps with global electronic shutter, 76% peak QE, 1920×1200 5.86 um pixels, USB3, available mono or color, cooled or uncooled! Speed and sensitivity at amazing prices! Shipping soon!

          Below is a sampling of some of our favorite “performance bargains,” which will meet a majority of microscopy needs, at the lowest cost to you!