New Titanium Sapphire Lasers

Looking for a cheaper titanium sapphire laser? Let Veroptics™ save you money with the most affordable titanium sapphire lasers for multiphoton microscopy available today! We have the best titanium sapphire laser price on fully automated, tunable, broad spectrum femtosecond (fs) Ti:Sapphs for your two-photon (2P) microscope, at the lowest possible cost. Our pulsed or continuous wave (CW) titanium sapphire lasers are available in many configurations, including:

 Powerful, small footprint, fully tunable femtosecond pulsed Ti:Sa lasers for multiphoton, second harmonic generation (SHG), and coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) microscopy

 We also sell other IR and near-IR lasers for a wide range of applications in photonics and materials science, including non-linear spectroscopy, optical coherence tomography (OCT), terahertz imaging, metrology, and more

If you are looking for the absolute best value in Ti:Sapphire and infrared lasers, CONTACT US and we’ll send you a quote that will (pleasantly) surprise you! Or, take a look at our Titanium Sapphire laser repair services HERE!