Fluorescence, Brightfield, Darkfield, Polarization Microscopes

         We know buying brand new microscopes can be expensive! We also know that a good quality, well maintained research microscope can easily provide well over 20 years of laboratory service! That’s why we sell affordable gently used, modern, high-quality, and fully customizable research microscopes from Olympus, Zeiss, Nikon, Leica, and others at the best prices you will find. We can provide any style and configuration of microscope and accessories you might need, including:

   Inverted, upright, dissecting, teaching, and macro style frames

   For cell culture and live cell imaging, slides and pathology, materials science, or any other need

   Fluorescence, brightfield, darkfield, polarization, phase, Nomarski/DIC, Hoffman

   Manual, semi-automated, or fully-automated and real-time (XYZT) systems

   Research, educational, and student level microscopes

   Used or new accessories (objectives, condensers, stages, stepper motors, light sources, heaters, cameras, etc)

         We also have an inventory of select used OEM Olympus, Leica, and Zeiss confocal microscope parts for those hard-to-find repair needs! Below you can browse just a few examples of our many frames available, or better yet CONTACT US and we’ll be happy to find a used microscope solution or part that works for you (and your budget).