Titanium Sapphire Laser Repair

          No service contract? Out of warranty? Need your titanium sapphire laser repaired or rebuilt? Veroptics™ can fix or rebuild your multi-photon titanium sapphire laser for you!

Our highly experienced and certified laser technicians can fix your tunable or fixed wavelength IR and near-IR lasers for two photon microscopy, CARS, or any other application, including Ti:Sapph, Nd:YAG, and more. All estimates are free!

P.S. With over 20 years experience fixing biomedical lasers, we can fix all your other microscope lasers too! Argon, Krypton, DPSS, Diode, HeNe . . . if you’ve got it, we can fix it! One year warranty on all laser repairs!

If you would like us to fix your Titanium Sapphire (or any other) laser, please CONTACT US for details!