CCD Cameras

Excellent low light performance for far less than you thought possible (starting under $5k, cooled!), with software support for microscopy! Much cheaper than any EMCCD or sCMOS camera, but still plenty sensitive for almost any fluorescence microscopy application, even TIRF! Long before EMCCD and scientific CMOS cameras came along, high quantum efficiency (QE) cameras based on the Sony ICX285 sensor were the workhorses of low light microscopy. Veroptics™ sells some of the best performing, lowest cost ICX285 based cameras you will find (and plenty of other great cameras too). Or, try a camera with the newer Sony ICX674/694 CCDs, which have similar low light performance compared to the ICX285, but with slightly smaller pixels (and higher frame rates) for maximizing resolution at lower magnifications. Both are great for fluorescence or brightfield microscopy, available in monochrome or color.

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  • We carry sensitive, low light scientific CCD cameras from most any manufacturer
  • Many other models, CCD sizes, and pixel sizes available
  • Full factory warranty on all new cameras; your satisfaction is guaranteed!
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Pictured are:

– JENOPTIK PROGRES MFCOOL   (1.4k x 1k 6.45um pixels;  ~62% Max QE mono;  13 FPS full frame (~51 FPS 680 x 512);  Firewire;  cooled;  mono or color)

LUMENERA INFINITY3   (1.4k x 1k 6.45um pixels;  ~62% Max QE mono;  15 FPS full frame (~59 FPS 680 x 512);  USB 2.0;  cooled;  mono or color)

XIMEA xiD LINE (includes ICX674 model: 1.9k x 1.5k 4.54um pixels;  ~77% Max QE mono;  60 FPS full frame;  USB 3.0;  cooled;  mono or color. ICX694 model is similar except with 2.8k x 2.2k area)