Color Cameras

Veroptics™ sells high performance, low cost color CCD and CMOS cameras for brightfield microscopy and digital pathology. For general slide work and color image documentation with full microscope software support, you just can’t beat the value of these cameras (starting at under $1000)! We also sell wireless, touchscreen and HDMI cameras for telemicroscopy, telepathology and telemedicine applications.

ORDERS: or 1-800-939-6627


  • We carry color CCD and CMOS microscope cameras from most any manufacturer
  • Large format, high megapixel, high resolution, HDMI, and video rate cameras
  • WIRELESS models too! Stream images right to your PC, tablet, or phone!
  • Full factory warranty on all new cameras; your satisfaction is guaranteed!
  • Why buy from us? Expert support before and after the sale, and Education discounts!
  • CONTACT US, to find the best (and most cost effective) color camera for your needs!

Pictured are:

LUMENERA INFINITY1   (2, 3 or 5 megapixel color;  5-15 FPS full frame (faster w/ subROIs);  USB 2.0)

– MOTIC MOTICAM X Wi-Fi wireless camera

MOTIC MOTICAM T   (8″ LCD touchscreen camera with wireless streaming, 4 GB storage, and HDMI output)