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Fluorescence Spectra Viewers: Picking probes and filters

Here’s a great collection of Fluorescence Spectra Viewers:

And yes, you can get an App for that too:

 If you have any questions about how to use these to optimize your fluorescence probe and filter selections, CONTACT US

More Practical How-To Methods (with Video) . . .          (All kinds of video illustrated methods, many in Microscopy and Imaging techniques)

How to use Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Probes

When reading the scientific literature, it can be difficult to actually “figure out how to do things” solely from the Methods given in the paper. Fortunately, in scientific publishing, there is a growing trend toward more “practical” or “hands on” guides that provide greater detail on how to perform various kinds of experiments, including methods in Microscopy and Imaging.  For example:

Mitochondrial membrane potential probes and the proton gradient: a practical usage guide          (direct link to article)          (same article, Pubmed link)